Patrick Miller, USMC

PATRICK MILLER, former Sergeant, US Marine Corps.  Served six years on active duty and earned designations as Reconnaissance Marine (0321), Parachute and Combat Diver Qualified (8654).  After the terrorist attacks on 9-11, his Force Reconnaissance Platoon was attached to the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit and were the first Marines to enter Afghanistan in 2001 as part of Operation Enduring Freedom.  His unit was subsequently attached to the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade (Task Force Tarawa) and were the first Marines to enter Iraq, providing deep reconnaissance behind enemy lines during Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003.  After being honorably discharged, Patrick provided high threat security as a U.S. Government contractor for multiple U.S. Government Agencies throughout the Middle East.  Currently he owns and operates a private security and training firm, Invictus Security. Patrick is married to his wife Melissa of 10 years and has three children.  He joined WVRF in 2014.

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