How to Apply for Assistance

COVID-19 Response

The safety of our communities and our families is our main concern at this time and we are changing the order of operations for our business in order to better suit the needs of the community and keep everyone safe. We understand there has been a lot of financial worry during this time and we want to let our veterans know that we are still here to provide assistance. We understand that reaching your VA hospital social workers physically is very limited but we have implemented way to make it easier by having you provide digital signatures on the application and ROI in order to quickly and safely get the applications filled out. You can still make a telehealth or video chat appointment with a social worker at the main VA hospitals throughout Florida in order to fill out the applications. Please note that due to the high volume of requests the turnaround time will not be our normal timeframe of 24-72 hours. We will be working remotely, yet diligently in order to process every veteran in and be able to assist all requests that come in. In addition to our regular qualifications, the following will also be needed.

The following information will be needed:

  • Most recent two (2) paycheck stubs for everyone in the household
  • A bill or statement for the requested expense ( Mortgage statement, Utility bill, Late rental notice, Vehicle loan statement, etc)
  • Past 90 days in bank statements for all bank accounts in the veterans name.
  • Share your story of how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected your household income. (Industry of work, quarantine, enforced public health policies, etc)
  • Any work documents sent over stating loss of hours, being laid off, specific closures, etc.


  1. 30% or more disability rating – Veteran can also be pending a claim or pending to add a percentage to their claim
  2. Must be a Florida Resident and currently residing in the state of Florida
  3. Must have a VA referral
  4. Applications must first be submitted via your VA Social Worker/Case Worker


  1. Contact your local VAMC – Can be any OPC, CBOC or Vet Center with a social worker as well
  2. Make an appointment with a Social Worker/Case Worker to ask for assistance and gather additional resources for yourself
  3. Fill out the intake form- Please fill out the intake form in its entirety
  4. Sign the VA’s Release of Information
  5. Provide documentation of the most recent bills. Please attach all Leases, 3-day notices, and ANY supporting documents which we can use to verify the amount owed and who it is made payable to

-Documentation must include: account #’s, PIN #’s, and creditor contact information (including landlords)

WVRF does not assist with payments of: tickets, personal loans, or credit card bills. We pay creditors directly. Each request is evaluated on a case by case basis. WVRF reserves the right to deny assistance.

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