How to Apply for Assistance


  1. 30% or more disability rating – Veteran can also be pending a claim or pending to add a percentage to their claim
  2. Must be a Florida Resident and currently residing in the state of Florida
  3. Must have a VA referral
  4. Applications must first be submitted via your VA Social Worker/Case Worker


  1. Contact your local VAMC – Can be any OPC, CBOC or Vet Center with a social worker as well
  2. Make an appointment with a Social Worker/Case Worker to ask for assistance and gather additional resources for yourself
  3. Fill out the intake form- Please fill out the intake form in its entirety
  4. Sign the VA’s Release of Information
  5. Provide documentation of the most recent bills. Please attach all Leases, 3-day notices, and ANY supporting documents which we can use to verify the amount owed and who it is made payable to

-Documentation must include: account #’s, PIN #’s, and creditor contact information (including landlords)

WVRF does not assist with payments of: tickets, personal loans, or credit card bills. We pay creditors directly. Each request is evaluated on a case by case basis. WVRF reserves the right to deny assistance.

sflwaHow to Apply for Assistance