2020 Direct Financial Assistance in Florida

 West Palm Beach 

Total Monetary Assistance: $230,424.00


Total Monetary Assistance: $88,937.19


Total Monetary Assistance: $100,347.40                                             


Total Monetary Assistance: $75,047.86

Bay Pines / St. Petersburg 

Total Monetary Assistance: $44,044.55

Lake City / Gainesville 

Total Monetary Assistance: $66,425.19

Gulf Coast  

Total Monetary Assistance: $8,870.12


Year Total: $614,096.31


VISN 8 is one of the nation’s largest System of hospitals and Clinicals serving a population of more than 1.5 million veterans in a vast 64,153 Square miles are spread Across 79 counties in Florida.

We also support areas in VISN 16 which includes the South Central VA Health Care Network.

ccronin@wvrf.org2020 Direct Financial Assistance in Florida